Community Road Empowerment (CORE) will be the recipient and the implementer of the project ‘Improved livelihood Opportunities and Accessibility for Underserved Urban Communities living in Meru, Kenya’. This is a Recipient-executed Small-scale Trust Fund project, funded by Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF)and administered by the World Bank. The Government of Kenya (Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development, and Public Works, Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Kenya Roads Board, and Meru County Government) will provide the technical and advisory support.

The project is a pilot project to complement the collaboration between the World Bank, JSDF, and the Government of Kenya by addressing community needs in the transport and urban sectors. A total of  50 target groups (a total of 1,250 community people) in three cohorts for on-the-job training will undergo the Project Training on Do nou technology. Indirect beneficiaries of the project are 13,500 persons with improved access to road service.

JSDF – SEP (Stakeholders Engagement Plan) document of the project has been disclosed in our system.  (please see link below)

YEAR 2018

TOTO Company Japan has approved for funding to Community Road Empowerment (CORE) for Chepkoiyo water spring protection and sanitation in 4 primary schools. The project will be implemented in Nandi County starting from April 2018 and ending March 2019.