Youth group repairing the drainageCommunity Road Empowerment (CORE) is an international NGO registered in Japan (2007) and Kenya (2008). Main aim of CORE is to empower the communities to maintain the rural access roads using, “Do-nou” technology from Japan to improve their agricultural production and to conserve the environment for poverty and hunger eradication. We are working in 15 countries in worldwide (page.4). CORE is grateful to the partners and sponsors for their continued support towards implementing varieties of projects to reduce poverty.


Road maintenance

CORE is an official partner with Kenya Rural Road Authority (KeRRA) and Kenya Urban Road Authority (KuRa) under Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Our main activities is to train people to repair the feeder road using “Do-nou”technology (page 3,4) developed by the CORE chairman, Professor Kimura in Japan. Through the activities, we empower the people to improve their own living standard.



  • Farmers groups/ organizations
  • Cooperatives Societies (Coffee, Tea, Dairy, Horticulture, etc.)
  • Youth Groups
  • Communities


  • Youth empowerment to create job opportunities by register as a contractor
  • Improve access to the markets in rural area to generate income
  • Improve living standard to access for public facilities (school, clinic, church, etc.)

Environmental Projects

CORE is also an official partner with Kenya Forestry Service (KFS). We also precede some environment project in Kenya to empower people and conserve their own environment.


Involves training in  environmental friendly agriculture. Training about passion fruit production which has been done in North Rift region