UNDP Phase I  – Busia and Bungoma Counties

(January 2021 – March 2021)

Community Road Empowerment (CORE) has implemented phase 1 of the project “Stabilization and Recovery of Communities affected by Violent Extremism, Conflict and Disasters in Kenya” funded by the Government of Japan through United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in close collaboration with the Government of Kenya and County Governments of Bungoma and Busia.

The proposed project aimed to enhance the stabilization and recovery of communities affected by violent extremism, communal conflict and other disasters. This was achieved through humanitarian action for affected communities, capacity building for preventing violent extremism and linking the humanitarian action to development by supporting alternative livelihoods and employment opportunities. The project seeked to further integrate capacity development for peace building and social cohesion through the national and county peace architectrure.

The project created a short term employment for the affected communities through Cash for Work and  transfer of skills on road repair using Do-nou technology.

In Bungoma and Busia the project targeted communities affected by natural disasters like the impacts of landslide/mudslides and floods on access roads to social amenities like market, hospital, churches and schools. Photos of the project are in the gallery section.


Second phase of the project is expected to commence in July 2021 -March 2022

under the same concept but different counties. More details to be updated as Project commences.


Community Road Empowerment (CORE) got grant from Toyota Motor Corporation to roll out 2 years Environment project in Mau Forest, Narok County .The project target, 6 primary schools and 2 community nurseries. The project involves tree nursery establishment, on farm and primary schools tree planting.


Training was well completed in 3 more counties. The project is funded by Government of Japan through Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. The project title is Creation of Youth Employment Through Road Maintenance Using Labour-based Technology (LBT) referred to as Do-nou Technology.

County Number of groups Completed Remaining
1.Busia 4 4 0
2.Makueni 4 4 0
3.Kwale 4 4 0
Total 12 12 0