Senior Registered Civil Engineer

Senior Registered Civil Engineer Consultant (E008/09/2022)

  • Terms: Part Time
  • Duration: Annual renewable contract – 2 months per year on call basis
  • Commencement: Immediately upon contract signing
  • Duty station: Meru County
  • Application Deadline: 15th September 2022
  • Salary: Confidential

Job Summary: The consultant will ensure the quality of works is done according to the standards required by key project and stakeholders; and the engineering design principles are followed when designing the roads to be constructed during on the project period.

Tasks and responsibilities

The consultant will work together with the Project Engineer to;

  • 1. Select roads and placements of roads structures such as culverts, gabions, drainages for on-the-Job training.
  • 2. Supervises Conduct engineering surveys for and provide technical support to the project field Technicians,
  • 3. Advice and review road designs for on-the-Job training, work plans, execute works as per the designs in consultation with stakeholders and reports to the Project Engineer on road related trainings and constructions. Together with the Project Engineer shall be in charge of the final designs,
  • 4. Oversee all the on-the-job training for Do-nou Road construction work on site including; drainages and structures such as culverts and gabions,
  • 5. Ensuring that the quality of works is achieved and done within the time frame and report progress to the Project Manager.
  • 6. Work with the Road engineers from KURA and County Government of Meru; in road selection and coordinating construction works done according to the specifications and standards lied by the ministry of transport and infrastructure,
  • 7. Conduct materials test and analysis, using tools and equipment procured under the project, and applying engineering knowledge.
  • 8. Coordinate with the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development and Public Works for the approval of Do-nou specification guidelines by the principal secretary State Department of Infrastructure (SDoI). 



The consultant will have the following qualifications and experience:

  •  1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, Building & construction, project management or equivalent in other related fields from well-known University;
  • 2. Must be registered with Engineers Board of Kenya
  •  3. Should have at least 10 years’ work experience in support of Designs and  developing standard guidelines for projects in Kenya.
  • 4. Work experience with implementation of labor based or labor-intensive Projects especially Road’s sector using D-nou technology will be added advantage;
  • 5. Experience in reviewing reports, engineering drawings, manuals and design guidelines and/or standards;
  • 6. Experience in managing of Projects with multi – stakeholders engagement;
  • 7. Strong analytical and writing skills and track record in producing relevant training, communication and knowledge materials;
  • 8. Strong communication and interpersonal skills and experience in organizing and facilitating consultations and workshops.

Job descriptions:

Project field Technicians – 2 posts (E006/09/2022)| Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Expert (E007/09/2022) | Senior Registered Civil Engineer Consultant (E008/09/2022) | Knowledge Management Specialist (E009/09/2022) | Business Expert (E010/09/2022) | Gender Expert (E011/09/2022)