Procurement Officer

Job Description:Procurement Officer (E004/03/2022)

  • Terms: Full Time
  • Commencement: Immediately upon contract signing
  • Duty station: Meru County 
  • Application Deadline: 5th July 2022
  • Salary: Confidential


Job Summary

The officer will implement the procurement arrangements in accordance to The Donor procurement regulations and guidelines for the Project. Advise and assist the Project Manager, Project accountant, Finance management specialist and Project Coordinator on all procurement issues in connection with the implementation of the Project

The consultant will lead in procurement arrangements and develop procurement plan, Annual work plan and Budget (AWPD) and other procurement documents in the Project, participate in the procurement committee, guard against fraud and corruption in the Project. The consultant will be required to update Systematic Tracking of Exchange and procurement (STEP) and seek no objection and approval from the Donor on the procurement plan, Annual work plan and Budget (AWPD).

 Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Develop a comprehensive list of all acquisitions of goods and services provided on the budget of the Project for all components,
  2. Conducting interviews with vendors, negotiate with supplier agreements, prepare, and manage supplier and vendor contracts.
  3. Constantly monitoring what the Organization purchases, delivers and spends to determine if goods are defective or not meeting performance demands.
  4.  Supervise and monitor the evaluation of bids and proposals received
  5. Plan, prepare and coordinate the timing of acquisition of consulting services, goods and works.
  6. Oversee procurement of goods or services and ensure their compliance with CORE and the Donor procurement regulation and guidelines.
  7.  Participate in committees receiving supplies, works and services, and to ensure that these goods and services received comply with Project procurement plan and regulation.
  8. Conducting market research to ensure that the organization gets the best prices at all times.
  9.  Receive supplier invoices, stamp ‘Received’ on the invoice, and review the invoice and supporting Local Purchase Order (LPO) or contract;
  10. Check that the documents are properly authorized and that the expense is in line with the approved budget.
  11. Prepare a Payment Voucher (PV) and allocate expenses to the budget line.
  12.  Implement activities in accordance with the approved Procurement Plan.
  13. Keep an up to date and accurate register of all the Project property.



The consultant will have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. A minimum of first degree in procurement or supply chain management or any other relevant field and post graduate training in procurement or related subject, or equivalent by experience;
  2. Strong management skills, particularly ability to provide strategic direction and procurement supervision to the implementation team.
  3.  Good knowledge of standard procurement methods and procedures.
  4.  Consultant registered with certified procurement and supply professional body will be an added advantage.
  5. Excellent coordination and negotiation skills
  6. Minimum five (5) years relevant working experience in procurement management at preferably reputable organisation.
  7.  Excellent organizational and record keeping skills
  8. Good team player while being independent and able to work autonomously.
  9.  Experience in training, capacity building and setting up procurement systems in a new organisation will be a distinct advantage.
  10. Computer literacy and competence, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point.
  11. Proven ability to work and interact with people from diverse, professional, social and cultural backgrounds.
  12.  Fluency in written and spoken English.
  13. Excellent analytical skills and report writing.
  14. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  15.  Willingness to occasionally support the team players on other duties within the Project.
  16.  Proven ability to work and interact with people from diverse, professional, social and cultural background.