Knowledge Management Specialist

Knowledge Management Specialist (E009/09/2022)

  • Terms: Part Time
  • Duration: Annual renewable contract (2 months per year on call basis)
  • Commencement: Immediately upon contract signing
  • Duty station: Meru County 
  • Application Deadline: 15th September 2022
  • Salary: Confidential

 Job Summary: The principal objective of this consultancy is to process, analyze, categorize and publish information on the Project and its progress, analyze information and lessons learned/best practice from the grant activities for broader dissemination, through the local media, the Project website, and knowledge sharing events.

Tasks and Responsibilities: Under this Project, the knowledge management specialist shall carry out the following tasks:

  • 1. Design/create and implement effective information collection tools such as beneficiaries’ interviews, use of focus groups and questioners – in collaboration with Project Implementation Team (PIT) implement appropriate and effective knowledge capture and sharing of activities positive impact with the local media.
  • 2. Manage knowledge sharing events – manage the successful execution of knowledge sharing events including monthly seminars, workshops, conferences, and during construction works.
  • 3. Manage website and social media engagement – Respond to website information and social media in a timely manner and engage them in meaningful knowledge exchange.
  • 4. Document and share Project success stories with CORE Project Implementation Team (PIT) to stakeholders during knowledge dissemination workshops and in annual reports.
  • 5. Engage partners and stakeholders– work with the project Team, and key stakeholders to expand the project activities online including engaging the growing member base on project websites and social media.

The Knowledge Management Specialist should be comfortable in a grid type reporting structure. S/he will report to the CORE Project Coordinator but will have collaborative linkages with other Project Implementation Team and stakeholders like KURA, and the county government.


The consultant will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • 1. Must have ability to work as a team, taking instructions from CORE and working on knowledge management and updating content frequently.
  • 2. Over five (5) years on professional working experience in Knowledge management.
  • 3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer science, Information Technology (IT), information science or any related field from recognized university.
  • 4. Broad knowledge in working with community driven project especially working the vulnerable Groups
  • 5. Experience in and ability to work with ICT tools
  • 6.Experience in managing of Projects with multi – stakeholders engagement.
  • 7. Strong analytical and writing skills and track record in producing relevant training, communication and knowledge materials.
  •  8. Strong communication and interpersonal skills and experience in organizing and facilitating consultations and workshops

Job descriptions:

Project field Technicians – 2 posts (E006/09/2022)| Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Expert (E007/09/2022) | Senior Registered Civil Engineer Consultant (E008/09/2022) | Knowledge Management Specialist (E009/09/2022) | Business Expert (E010/09/2022) | Gender Expert (E011/09/2022)