Gender Expert

Gender Expert (E011/09/2022)

  • Terms: Part Time
  • Duration: Annual renewable contract (2 months per year on call basis)
  • Commencement: Immediately upon contract signing
  • Duty station: Meru,
  • Application Deadline: 15th September2022
  • Salary: Confidential

 Job Summary: The principal objective of this position is to provide technical and programmatic support in gender equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment under the activities of the JSDF project.

Tasks and responsibilities: Under this Project, the Gender Expert shall carry out the following tasks:

  • 1. Conduct women empowerment seminar every year by training on Women empowerment models, and creation of awareness of equal opportunities to ensure full integration of gender issues in implementation, performance monitoring, evaluation, learning, and other activities supported by the Project.
  • 2. Help the Project team and the county government to create an enabling environment which will encourage women to access the small grants and finances that have been set aside for the women in the county, especially those linked to the Project.
  • 3. Provide specific training for small grant management for the women entrepreneurs who will have gone through the Do-nou training
  • 4. Conduct in-depth consultations with stakeholders including project beneficiaries to gather input on the development of a gender mainstreaming toolkit
  • 5. Responsible for (Take the lead in coordinating and conducting of the gender mainstreaming training for the community members, traditional, religious leadership and 500 women to optimize project impact
  • 6. Conduct Awareness of equal opportunities training for all participants (1,250 people), KURA, CORE and Meru County Government – half day session (5 groups or 125 participants per session), 4 sessions per year.
  • 7. Develop training materials, training program, together with the Project assistant select the participants for the training, organize the training venue, lead the trainings and prepare annual training reports on Awareness of equal opportunities and Women empowerment.
  • 8. Help the project team determine appropriate baseline data and targets on gender equality and female empowerment in the project
  • 9. Support evidence gathering by ensuring that the aspect of gender is included in the development of the M & E system and the data management information system of the project. Coordinate internal capacity building and awareness raising efforts on the main gender disparities that are relevant for the project
  • 10. Compiling, analysis and interpretation of gender information.
  • 11. Ensure that the messaging by the project reports are reflective of a transformative gender approach; 
  1. Collect data on Awareness of equal opportunities through interviewing 300 male and 300 female (200 people per year). The information collected will be part of the annual training reports.
  2. Conduct training and capacity building support for the project target groups, Project Implementation Team and stakeholders on gender issues.
  3. Advise the project on gender policies and facilitate the process of knowledge building on how gender disparities regarding access, skills and ownership may be resolved.
  4. Use existing policies to facilitate knowledge building and management focusing on achievement of sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice through identification of best practices and lessons learned.
  5. The gender act and policies will be drawn from and not limited to; (i) Chapter four of the 2010, Kenyan Constitution in the Bill of Rights, (ii) National Gender and Equality Commission Act No. 15 of 2011, (iii) Sessional Paper No. 02 of 2019 on NATIONAL POLICY ON GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT.
  6. The Gender expert should be comfortable in a grid type reporting structure. S/he will report to the CORE Project Coordinator but will have collaborative linkages with other stakeholders like KURA, the PIU and the county government.



The Gender Expert will have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. At least Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Social Sciences, Sociology, International studies, or a related field with a focus on gender.
  2. Minimum of 8 years’ experience in development sector (NGOs, CSO), with at least 5 years’ experience with women’s economic empowerment, and/or gender/social inclusion related job.
  3. Good experience in project management, advocacy and knowledge management.
  4. Good understanding of community driven projects. 
  5. Initiative and creative in solving problems with strong facilitation and analytical skills
  6. Strong ability to work both independently and in a team
  7. Experience in managing of Projects with multi – stakeholders engagement;
  8. Strong analytical and writing skills and track record in producing relevant training, communication and knowledge materials;
  9.  Good organizing skills, strong communication and interpersonal skills and experience in organizing and facilitating consultations and workshops.

Job descriptions:

Project field Technicians – 2 posts (E006/09/2022)| Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Expert (E007/09/2022) | Senior Registered Civil Engineer Consultant (E008/09/2022) | Knowledge Management Specialist (E009/09/2022) | Business Expert (E010/09/2022) | Gender Expert (E011/09/2022)